Congratulations Grade Five

PYPx Recap.mp4

This Week

Monday - Staging Rehearsal


Tuesday - Dress Rehearsal

Booth Set Up

Wednesday - PYPx Opens 9am

Thursday - PYPx Community Evening

Friday - Shout Outs

Take Down



Week Six_Specialists.mp4

Week Six PYPx Video:


Last Week...

Tuesday and Wednesday - Action

- Presentation Space

Thursday - Rehearsal Musicians

Specialist Session 4

Friday - PYPx Open Day

Rehearsal Walk Through


Week Five_Out & About.mp4

Week Five PYPx Video:

Out & About

Last Week...

Taking Action

Monday - Friday Specialist Integration

Math Component Visits with Ms. Beth

Information Report Editing

Monday - Specialist Session 1

Action Proposals

Tuesday - Song Rehearsal

Wednesday - Planning the Presentation Space

Thursday - Specialist Session 2

Friday - Specialist Session 3


Week Four.mp4

Week Four PYPx Video: Asking Questions

Last Week...

Going Further and Making Connections

Monday - Friday Research and Information Report Writing - including interviews and field trips

Visits from Specialists

Math Component Visits with Ms. Beth

Monday - Assessment Workshop Part 3

Tuesday - Action Introduction

Wednesday - TShirt Design Due

Thursday - TShirt Vote

- Specialist Proposal Due

Friday - Report Drafted Ready for Editing


Research: Interviews: Field Trips: Specialists: Action Thinking: Report Writing : Math Focus


Week Three PYPx Video: Lines of Inquiry

March 11-15

Finding Out - Sorting Out - Going Further

Monday - Friday - Research

- interviews & field trips

Tuesday - Citation Checking

Wednesday - Language Decisions

- T-shirt Design Official Opened

Thursday - Assessment Review

Friday - Triangle Dance Challenge


Mentor Meeting 3: Independent Research: Interviews: Field Trips: Language Choices: Citation Checking


Week Two PYPx Video: Meet the Groups

March 4 - 8

Finding Out and Sorting Out

Tuesday: Guiding Questions


Cornell Note Taking

Wednesday: No Period 2 - Rehearsal


Thursday: Research - Open Classrooms

Friday: Research


Mentor Meeting : research : interviews : questions : note taking


Week One PYPx Video: Provocation

Feb 25 - Mar 1

Tuning In and Finding Out


  • Team Building and Group Announcements


  • Essential Agreements


  • Lines of Inquiry Workshop with Mr. Dylan
  • Connect with your Mentor

Thursday: Central Ideas and Research


  • Research
  • Team Reflection
  • Mentor Meeting 1 (March 6-8)
  • SDGs : groups : mentors : research

PYPx Groups

Coordinating Teacher: Daniel Brewster

SDG 13: Global Warming

Mentor: Nikki Carey

SDG 15: Animal Welfare

Mentor: Francesca Biros

SDG 15: Endangered Animals

Mentor: Laurie Rambaut

SDG 15: Deforestation

Mentor: Chris Boulden

SDG 15: Animal Cruelty

Mentor: Laura Kaufman

Coordinating Teacher: Tina Carew

SDG 4: Gender Education

Mentor: Nitasha Chaudhuri

SDG 4: Education Resources

Mentor: Matt Magowan

SDG 4: Quality Education

Mentor: Sue Freeman

SDG 6: Water Pollution

Mentor: Keri Giller


Mentor: Kris Bezzerides

SDG 14: Plastic Ocean 1

Mentor: Clare Albertson

SDG 14: Human Impact on the Ocean

Mentor: Martin Hamilton

Coordinating Teacher: Nathan Smith

SDG 2: Hunger

Mentor: Kate Dore

SDG 7: Clean Energy

Mentor: Anna Murray

SDG 16: War and Weapons

Mentor: JJ Akins

SDG 16: Domestic Violence

Mentor: Claire Holbein

Coordinating Teacher: Angela Brienza

SDG 1: Unemployment

Mentor: Laura Moore

SDG 1: Homelessness

Mentor: Julia Hatch

SDG 5: Girls in Sport

Mentor: Le Dinh

SDG 5: Girls in Sports

Mentor: Daniel Lucardie

SDG 5: Gender Equality 2

Mentor: Audrey Pagoli

SDG 11: Transport

Mentor: Liana Bianchi