Student Resources

The PYP Exhibition is an opportunity for you to put all of your learning into action! It is a special Unit of Inquiry where most of the decision-making is handed over to you. 

You will...

choose what you want to inquire into

decide how to find out about your issues of interest

decide how to sort through the information and summarize what you have learned

choose how to present your findings using writing, the arts, and/or technology. 

decide how to TAKE ACTION.

Key Concepts

Learner Profile Attributes

Common Terms to Know

Approaches to Learning (ATL) Skills - how we learn, the skills we are working on as a learner

Central Idea - the big generalization between concepts you have at the end of your inquiry cycle

Citation - recording important information about the sources you used in your research such as title, author, and link

Collaborative Team - classmates that are paired with you, mostly like you share a connection to an issue or your issue connects to a Sustainable Development Goal (SDG)

Exhibition (PYPx) - a unit in your final year of the PYP that is dedicated to a personal inquiry of an issue/opportunity

Inquiry Cycle - the stages you go through as an inquirer make up a cycle

Key Concepts - a way to look at something that can transfer from example to example the seven key concepts in the PYP are causation, change,  change, form, function, perspective, responsibility

Learner Profile Attributes - who we want to be, the traits we are striving to have

PYPx Notebook - the notebook(s) you use for taking notes, tracking goals, capturing your thinking, and more

PYPx Planner - the documentation and planning of your inquiry and learning process

PYPx Share and Celebration - the end of our exhibition unit, where we share our process, message, and more with a wide audience

Related Concepts - more focused than a key concept and still away to look at something that can transfer across ideas e.g. community, identity, power, migration

Student Coach - a high school student who helps coach you with self-management and organization skills

Teacher Mentor - the teacher assigned to your collaborative team to advise your inquiry process