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PYPx Groups

5A Coordinating Teacher: Charlie Moore

Connecting SDG=Peace , Justice and Strong Institutions

Issues: The Impact of aggression on communities:

Regan,Jungmin, Jennifer, Nina

Connecting SDG= Clean Water and Sanitation

Issues: Affordable access to amenities:

Krithika, Sophia, Chae Min, Linh

Connecting SDG= Reduced inequalities

Issues: Fair treatment of individuals:

Nadzieja, Evelyn, Hannah

Connecting SDG= Life below water, Life on Land

Issues: Human impact on the Environment:

Abby, Jiwon, Anh Nhi

Connecting SDG=Zero Hunger

Issues: Dealing with the Global Hunger Crisis:

Sam, Radin, Nam Khang, Junhyeok

Connecting SDG=Climate Action, Life on Land

Issues: Human impact on the Environment:

Sebastian, Daniel, Lam, Ryo

5B Coordinating Teacher: Harry Dalzell

Connecting SDG=Reduced Inequalities

Issues: Equality for women and men Discrimination

Emilie, Margaux, Dat, Zelie

Connecting SDG=Life on Land and Climate Action

Issues: Deforestation and Global Warming

Mina, Tom, Nathan, Phuong

Connecting SDG= Life Below Water

Issues: Plastic Pollution (Ocean)

Claire, Nate, Martin

Connecting SDG=Life on Land

Issues: Animal Rights

Gabriel, Noor and Martin B

Connecting SDG=Good Health and Well-Being

Issues: Social Media Addiction & Balance Lifestyle

Chae Eun, Logan

Connecting SDG=Life Below Water

Issues: Plastic Pollution (Ocean)

Edward, Hyeon seo, Yuki Puangthaweesuk

Connecting SDG= No poverty

Issues: Poverty, Hunger, Quality education

Veydant, Elisabeth, Kreshaa and Julia

5C Coordinating Teacher: Emily Graves

Connecting SDG = Life Below Water

Issues: Marine Pollution and Overfishing

Taiya, Quianna, Hannah, Jacob, Bendi, Haruki

Connecting SDG = Life on Land

Issues: Wildfires, Habitat Destruction, Poaching

Enrico, Woojin, Priyanshi, Kieran, Lenny

Connecting SDG = Gender Equality

Issues: Beauty standards, child marriage, gender inequality in science, unequal pay

Ella, Lina, Jack, Miya, and Kate

Connecting SDGs = Climate Action and Affordable and Clean Energy

Issues: Global warming and renewable energy

Phuong Phuong and Quang

Connecting SDG = Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions

Issues: Human trafficking, corruption, and peace reconciliation

Thomas, Ashley, Yuui

5D Coordinating Teacher: Daniel Brewster

Connecting SDG = Life on land

Issues: Animal Rights, Animal abuse, Animal testing, Endanger animals

Aina , Alision, Kachi, Lumi, and Emilia,

Connecting SDG = Gender Equality

Issues: Unequal pay

Alana, Alyssa, Akari and SeoYul

Connecting SDG = Life below water/ Life on land

Issues: Water pollution, Air pollution

Beomjun, Chenyu, Jason and Mason

Connecting SDG = Climate change

Issues: Global warming/ Climate change

Long, Mia, Minh An, Phan Anh and Yonghoon

Connecting SDG = Gender Equality

ssues: LGBTQ+/ Discrimination

Almuataz, Isabella, Monae, Philip and Tellesson