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PYPx Schedule - Thursday April 23

Morning Session 1: 9.00 - 9:30am / Afternoon Session 7: 12.00 - 12:30pm

SDG 7: Renewable Energy

Did you know that in some parts of the world you can’t use your iPad!? Come and learn how you can create accessible and renewable energy.
Group members:AidenLuke
Mentor: Laura Kaufman


Do you think it’s fair that people can’t be themselves? Just because you are different doesn’t make it ok to be bullied and discriminated against. We are putting our foot down. This is not ok! Come visit our PYPx presentation to learn more!
Group members:StellaMaya
Mentors:Laura EnglandKris Bezzerides

SDGs 1 & 2: Poverty and Hunger

Have you ever been really hungry or seen someone in poverty? Well this presentation will tell you all about people around the globe in poverty and in hunger.
Group members:Bao NamIvanSamSebastian
Mentor:Aiqin LiLaurie Rombaut

SDG 1: No Poverty / Girls Rights

Shared Session

Have you ever wanted to help people in need? Come to Poverty stamp Out where you can learn how to help them and about their lives.Presented by: PetteriMentor: Jennifer Szwarc
In my PYPx presentation I will be explaining why girls rights are important as I tell you about girls education and about a wonderful woman, Malala.Presented by: OliviaMentor: Claire Harrison-Poole

Morning Session 2: 9.30 - 10.00am / Afternoon Session 8: 12:30 - 1.00pm

SDG 3: Viruses

Oh no! I got a fever!Don’t you hate it when being stuck inside and staring at your computer? We definitely do! Think you got a virus? Well come and check out what a virus is without needing a microscope! We will help you with some tips to protect you from a virus and teach you how to make a free hand made mask with only rubber bands and other simple materials!
Group members:NguyenKanoEthanYewon
Mentor: Faye McAuley Elliott Cannell

SDG 3: Pollution

Have you gotten sick and tired of staying inside because of AQI is too high? Well in our PYPX group you find out much more about air pollution and how to slow global warming down and lower the AQI so we can all play outside.
Group Members:JacksonTimmyPhu AnHoang Duong
Mentor:Matt Magowan

SDG 6 & 12: Water & Plastic Pollution

Ever wonder where the plastic you throw away wanders to? Well, come to our presentation to learn about where your plastic goes after you throw it away and how it can harm animals.
Group Members:DucMurphySeoYeon
Mentors: Barbara Neocleous Penny Snedden

SDG 4: Children's Rights and Education

Do you care about children’s well being? Come and join us for PYPx to learn loads of information about children’s rights and education. You will learn how YOU can help us take ACTION by supporting a “Little Free Library,” or encouraging kids to exercise. We want the community to be more aware of the importance of some basic children’s rights and education.
Group Members:MaikaClaraAnesuThien Y
Mentor:Angela Brienza

Morning Session 3: 10.00 - 10:30am / Afternoon Session 9: 1.00 - 1.30pm

SDG 12: Animal Cruelty

Do you care that animals are being treated badly? Do you want to do something about it? Then come join us to learn more about Animal Cruelty and what you can do to help!
Group members:HamiXanderRikoRuby
Mentor: Darren Radu

SDG15: Deforestation #1

While the problem of deforestation is now recognized as a very serious and important one, it is yet to be effectively addressed by governmental and international organizations. Join us as we explore this devastating problem.
Group members:JihongLaibao ( Rui Xi )Miguel
Mentor: Shannon Schultz

SDG 3: COVID 19 (in Korean)

If you can speak Korean and like to know about Coronavirus then come to our presentation.
한국말을 할 수 있고 코로나바이러스에 관심이 있다면 우리 슬라이드로 오세요!! 도움이 많이 될거에요.가족 중에서 코로나바이러스에 걸린 사람이 있나요?
Group members:JunSungmin
Mentor: Aga Schaffner

SDG 3: Air Quality

Do you like to play outside? Do you know that you might be breathing bad air right now? That will make you sick and cough! Come join us for PYPx and find out how bad air quality has a negative impact on your life, our community and our planet.
Group members:Anh ThyDanielHugoPhong
Mentor: Anna Murray

Morning Session 4: 10.30 - 11.00am / Afternoon Session 10: 1:30 - 2.00pm

SDG 4: Education

Have you ever wanted to quit school for a few days or forever? Well you should be thankful because 250 million children don’t get the right education. Do YOU want to learn more on why education is important? Well, come to our booth to find out more.
Group members:SooaKamilleIsabelle
Mentor: Monica Mayer

SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation

Have ever felt sick because you drank dirty water?Well in our PYPx you will find out how to keep yourself safe from this and WAY more! Come to our PYPx and learn something new!
Group members:PrakharKlaudia
Mentor: Keri Giller

SDG 16: Discrimination and Corruption

You’re going home and someone shouts at you because of your gender or other beliefs. Your neighbour always gets the best phones and his dad owns many fast cars, Ever wonder how anyone can buy all this but yet gets the same amount of money? Makes you mad? It’s time we take action. Come join us and learn more about this subject.
Group members:Alan BobbyEmilyTengis
Mentor: Daniel Lucardie

SDG 13: Global Warming- Climate Change

Do you know that millions of people and animal species will be impacted by climate change if we don’t take action now? This is the challenge of our lifetime. Simple actions make a big difference, such as turning the tap off while brushing, using recycled bags and switching off lights. Join us to learn more about how you can take action.
Group members:HanbeeArshan TomNamYuri
Mentor: Harry Dalzell

Morning Session 5: 11.00 - 11:30am / Afternoon Session 11: 2.00 - 2:30pm

SDG 13: Climate Change

Ever thought about everyday things you do like leaving the lights on after leaving a room?Ever wondered why climate change is so important? Or why fossil fuels impact the environment so badly? Learn all about climate change.
Group members:AoifeNaoEmilDidi
Mentors:Kristen McAuliffe Emma Hamilton

SDG 16: Peace & Justice

Do you argue with siblings?Do you have troubles with your friends? Are you treated unfairly? Join us to understand how peace and justice affects our lives.
Group members:AromaDavidAidenIan
Mentor: Stephan Anagnost

SDG 3: Viruses and Population

Have you heard about viruses and want to know what will happen if you catch it? Well this presentation is gonna tell you all about types of viruses and what they do and how we can protect ourselves.
Group members:AbayJesseLamYeonJae
Mentor: Kate Dore

SDG12 :Endangered Animals

Do you want to learn more about endangered animals, animal cruelty, bees, Australian animals, and how humans can affect the animals? Well then our presentation is the right place for you! You can learn things about our topics and how to help save the animals! We hope to see you there! We hope you will enjoy the presentation!
Group members:ArmundOpheliaSameaAimi
Mentor: Noor Sandhu

Morning Session 6: 11.30am - 12.00pm / Afternoon Session 12: 2:30 - 3.00pm

SDG 16: Bullying

Bullying hurts, it can happen to anyone, but it shouldn’t. Bullying can make you sad and lonely. Most people go through bullying at least once in their lives. Stand up to it so that we can stop this. This is never okay! Come learn more about what you can do to stop bullying!
Group members:OleDean
Mentor: Maeve O'Donovan Geoff Piggott

SDG 15: Animal Rights

Do you know if your products are animal tested or include cruelty to animals? Our group can give a list of animal tested products and explain what animal rights are and what you can do to support animals.
Group members:ThyHai YenBlakeAriana
Mentors:Chris Boulden Dung Tran

SDG15: Deforestation #2

Are you a nature lover? Do you care if animals live or die? The come to our presentation and learn about effects of deforestation.
Group members:AlinaFionnOmarOrlo
Mentor: Maggie Lewis

SDG 5: Gender Equality

Are you interested to learn about gender equality/ LGBTQI+? Do you know that people get treated unfairly because of how they identify themselves? Join our presentation if you care about equal rights and to learn more about gender equality and how you can take action.
Group members:VilmaKhinMayBao TramMiku
Mentor: Kenny AndersonAudrey Pagoli