For Families and Caregivers

Introduction Meeting Slides for Families

PYPx 23 Family Presentation

Family Information Session on Campus

Wednesday, March 1st 

8:10 - 9:00 am

What is the Exhibition?

• The exhibition is the culminating, collaborative experience in the final year of the PYP.

• The exhibition is an authentic process for students to explore, document and share their understanding of an issue or opportunity of personal significance.

• All exhibitions are student-initiated, designed and collaborative.

• The degree to which students are engaged with planning and implementing their exhibition depends on the students and schools’ experience with the PYP.

 -International Baccalaureate Organization 2020

PYPx Learning Targets for Students

The Process

Agency & Independence


Depth of Thinking 

Diversity & Differentiation 

Student Pride

Taking Action