Frequently Asked Questions

Can a student fail the Exhibition (PYPx)?

The process of undertaking the Exhibition is very valuable, however the finished result does not affect their move into or placement in middle school.

How can I help my child feel successful during PYPx?

Please see the section of this website we have developed all about how to best support your child from home.

Do the students still have their regular Mathematics and English Lessons during PYPx?

Mathematics is taught as usual throughout the Exhibition right up until the two final weeks. English (Speaking, listening, Reading, Writing, Viewing & Presenting) is integrated into the Exhibition. Students will also have English lessons which focus on researching, interviewing, and citation skills, which links in with the Exhibition. For English as an Additional Language learners (EAL) see below.

What happens to students who have special English as Additional (EAL) lessons with Ms. Sarah during PYPx?

English as Additional Language (EAL) Beginner and Intermediate students will continue to attend English support lessons throughout the entire exhibition. They will also be closely monitored by Ms. Sarah and the Homeroom teachers during this unit. The schedule for EAL Advanced students will change as exhibition approaches. Ms. Sarah will work as a facilitator for the Exhibition groups and be heavily involved in working in class to support EAL students who will be working in mixed ability groups.

What happens to students who usually have other learning support lessons with Ms. Claire during PYPx?

Students who work with Ms. Claire will continue to receive the same level of support as before. Her schedule will remain in place and she will also be available to help monitor Learning Support students while they work in their exhibition groups to ensure they are meeting all their goals.

Do the students still have specialist lessons (e.g. PE and Art) during PYPx?

Yes, however during the final Exhibition sharing week, there may be some scheduling changes.

How are the PYPx groupings decided?

An important element of the PYPx is that students inquire about something they are passionate about. So we group students by issue and not by friendships. The teachers try to ensure the groupings are such that there is minimal frustration and a good balance.